RCF QPS-9600 High Power 4 Channel HD Power Amplifier

Dec 9, 2017

Upgrade your audio system with the RCF QPS-9600 High Power 4 Channel HD Power Amplifier, brought to you by Video Technics. Designed to meet the demands of professional audio enthusiasts, this amplifier combines power, precision, and reliability like no other.

Unmatched Performance for Professional Audio Setups

Take your sound experience to new heights with the RCF QPS-9600. This amplifier is engineered to deliver exceptional audio quality, making it the perfect choice for venues, studios, concerts, and more. With advanced circuitry and cutting-edge technology, this amplifier ensures crystal-clear sound reproduction and exceptional fidelity.

Powerful and Efficient

Experience the true power of your audio equipment with the RCF QPS-9600. This amplifier is designed to provide high power output, giving your speakers the necessary boost to deliver a dynamic performance. With a total power output of XX watts, the QPS-9600 is perfect for large-scale installations and events.

Advanced Features

  • Four Channels: The QPS-9600 features four channels, allowing you to connect and control multiple speakers simultaneously. This versatility ensures flexibility in configuring your audio system.
  • High Definition Amplification: Experience true high-definition sound with the QPS-9600. This amplifier is designed to deliver pristine audio quality, preserving every detail and nuance of your music or audio content.
  • Intelligent Cooling System: The QPS-9600 is equipped with an intelligent cooling system to ensure optimal performance even during extended use. This feature prevents overheating and protects your amplifier, increasing its lifespan.
  • Multiple Input and Output Options: With a range of input and output options, including XLR, SpeakON, and binding post connectors, the QPS-9600 offers flexibility in connecting your audio devices and speakers.
  • Built-In Protection Circuitry: The QPS-9600 is equipped with built-in protection circuitry to safeguard your audio system from overload, short circuits, and other potential hazards, ensuring reliable and safe operation.


Here are the key specifications of the RCF QPS-9600 High Power 4 Channel HD Power Amplifier:

  • Power Output: XX watts per channel (at 8 ohms)
  • Frequency Response: XX Hz - XX kHz
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: XX dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): XX%
  • Input Sensitivity: XX dBu
  • Dimensions: XX" x XX" x XX"
  • Weight: XX lbs

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Audio System

With the RCF QPS-9600 High Power 4 Channel HD Power Amplifier, you can take your audio system to the next level. Experience unparalleled performance, power, and reliability, whether you're a musician, sound engineer, or audiophile. Trust Video Technics to provide you with cutting-edge audio solutions that exceed your expectations.

Upgrade your audio system today. Contact Video Technics to learn more about the RCF QPS-9600 and explore how it can enhance your sound experience.

Frank Goguen
Powerful audio upgrade!
Oct 6, 2023