Jul 10, 2021

About the Elation CUEPIX PANEL; 25X30 W COB MATRIX Panel

The Elation CUEPIX PANEL; 25X30 W COB MATRIX Panel is a cutting-edge lighting solution that offers exceptional performance, versatility, and durability. Created by Elation Professional, a renowned brand in the entertainment lighting industry, this panel is designed to deliver stunning visual effects in various applications including concerts, theaters, TV studios, and architectural installations.

Key Features

  • High-Quality COB LEDs: The panel features 25x30 watts Chip-On-Board (COB) LEDs, producing intense and uniform illumination with excellent color mixing capabilities.
  • Matrix Design: With its 5x5 COB LED configuration, the panel allows for creative matrix-style visuals and pixel mapping effects.
  • Bright and Dynamic Colors: The CUEPIX panel offers a wide range of vibrant colors, thanks to its RGBW color mixing system that enables accurate color reproduction.
  • User-Friendly Control: It comes with an intuitive control interface, allowing users to easily adjust settings, create stunning lighting effects, and manage multiple panels.
  • Durable Construction: The panel is built with high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting performance even in demanding environments.
  • Easy Installation: The lightweight and compact design of the panel makes it easy to install in various settings.

Why Choose Video Technics Repair?

When it comes to the maintenance and repair of the Elation CUEPIX PANEL; 25X30 W COB MATRIX Panel, Video Technics Repair is your trusted partner. Our team of highly skilled technicians specializes in repairing and servicing professional lighting equipment, including the Elation CUEPIX PANEL.

Here's why you should choose Video Technics Repair:

  • Expertise: We have years of experience in the industry, providing top-notch repair services for a wide range of lighting equipment.
  • Quality Service: Our technicians are trained to diagnose and fix issues accurately, ensuring that your Elation CUEPIX PANEL is restored to its optimal condition.
  • Prompt Turnaround: We understand the importance of quick repairs. That's why we strive to deliver fast and efficient service, minimizing downtime and keeping your lighting setup running smoothly.
  • Genuine Parts: We use genuine replacement parts to ensure the highest quality repairs and maintain the manufacturer's specifications.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our priority is your satisfaction. We work closely with our clients, providing transparent communication and personalized assistance throughout the repair process.
  • Competitive Pricing: We offer competitive rates for our repair services, ensuring excellent value for your investment.

Contact Us

For reliable repair and maintenance services for your Elation CUEPIX PANEL; 25X30 W COB MATRIX Panel, get in touch with Video Technics Repair today. Our friendly team is ready to assist you and provide the best possible solutions for your lighting equipment needs.

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