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Jan 20, 2021


Welcome to Video Technics, your reliable destination for high-quality audio equipment. We proudly present the Denon Professional DN-470A, a versatile 4-channel amplifier designed to deliver exceptional audio performance. With a powerful output of 120W per channel at 70V/100V, this amplifier is perfect for a wide range of applications, including commercial installations, sound reinforcement systems, and more.

Unleash the Power of Denon Professional DN-470A

The Denon Professional DN-470A amplifier is engineered to meet the needs of professional audio enthusiasts who demand nothing but the best. With its robust construction, advanced features, and remarkable audio quality, the DN-470A sets a new standard in amplifier technology.

Remarkable Sound Quality

Whether you are a musician, audio engineer, or venue owner, the Denon Professional DN-470A offers exceptional sound reproduction that will leave you impressed. Each of the four channels is capable of delivering 120W of power, ensuring clear and detailed audio even in large spaces. Say goodbye to distortion and enjoy a truly immersive listening experience.

Flexible Channel Configuration

The DN-470A is designed with flexibility in mind. It features four independent channels that allow you to connect multiple audio sources and control them individually. Thanks to its versatile design, you can tailor the sound output to match your specific needs, whether it's for a multi-room audio system or a complex sound installation.

70V/100V Compatible

With its 70V/100V compatibility, the Denon Professional DN-470A ensures consistent and optimal audio performance across long speaker cable runs. This feature makes it ideal for installations in commercial spaces, such as offices, conference rooms, restaurants, and retail stores. Experience unparalleled clarity and uniform sound distribution throughout your venue.

Intelligent Protection Circuitry

Your investment in the Denon Professional DN-470A is protected by its intelligent protection circuitry. This circuitry guards against overheating, overloading, and short circuits, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the amplifier. Focus on your audio without worrying about equipment failures or damage.

Unlock Creativity with Video Technics

At Video Technics, we are passionate about providing innovative audio solutions that enhance your creativity and deliver exceptional results. The Denon Professional DN-470A is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Experience the power, versatility, and reliability of this high-end 4-channel amplifier and transform your audio experience like never before.

Enhance Your Audio Setting

Whether you are a sound engineer, music producer, or simply an audio enthusiast, the Denon Professional DN-470A is designed to take your audio setting to new heights. Enjoy accurate sound reproduction, precise control, and unmatched performance, allowing you to bring out the best in your recordings, live performances, or installations.

Technical Specifications

  • Power Output: 120W per channel
  • Number of Channels: 4
  • Impedance: 70V/100V
  • Protection Circuitry: Overheating, overloading, and short circuit protection
  • Connectivity: Multiple audio inputs and outputs
  • Dimensions: [Insert Dimensions Here]
  • Weight: [Insert Weight Here]

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Tina Othberg
Impressive amplifier, perfect for commercial installations and sound reinforcement.
Nov 8, 2023