Atlona AT-HDR-H2H-88MA 4K HDR 8×8 HDMI Matrix Switcher

Oct 24, 2021


The Atlona AT-HDR-H2H-88MA 4K HDR 8×8 HDMI Matrix Switcher is the perfect solution for professional audio and video distribution needs. With its advanced capabilities and unrivaled performance, this HDMI matrix switcher offers unparalleled flexibility and control to users.

Enhanced Audio and Video Distribution

Featuring support for 4K HDR content, the Atlona AT-HDR-H2H-88MA ensures crystal-clear image quality and vibrant colors. Whether you are in a corporate setting, educational institution, or entertainment venue, this HDMI matrix switcher guarantees a seamless audio and video experience.

Flexible Input and Output Configuration

With its 8×8 matrix architecture, the AT-HDR-H2H-88MA allows you to route any of the eight HDMI inputs to any of the eight HDMI outputs, creating a fully customizable setup. This flexibility enables simultaneous content distribution to multiple displays without any loss of signal quality.

Seamless Integration

Designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing audio and video systems, the Atlona AT-HDR-H2H-88MA supports HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices. Its EDID management features allow for proper communication between the source and display devices, reducing compatibility issues and providing a hassle-free setup experience.

Advanced Control Options

This HDMI matrix switcher offers advanced control options, including IP control, RS-232, and IR (infrared). With built-in web-based control and remote management capabilities, you can easily manage your audio and video distribution system from any device with an internet connection. This level of control allows for effortless switching, routing, and scaling of audio and video signals at your fingertips.

Reliable Performance and Durability

Video Technics understands the importance of reliability in professional settings. The AT-HDR-H2H-88MA is built to last, featuring robust construction and high-quality components. This ensures long-term performance and durability, even in demanding environments.


The Atlona AT-HDR-H2H-88MA 4K HDR 8×8 HDMI Matrix Switcher is the ultimate solution for seamless audio and video distribution. With its unrivaled flexibility, advanced control options, and reliable performance, this HDMI matrix switcher is the ideal choice for professionals in need of a high-quality and scalable distribution system. Experience unparalleled audio and video quality with the AT-HDR-H2H-88MA and take your audiovisual setups to new heights.

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This HDMI matrix switcher is a game-changer for professional audio and video distribution. The advanced capabilities are unmatched!
Nov 8, 2023