May 5, 2023

Unleash the Power of the YAMAHA VXS8 8 2-WAY SURFACE MOUNT SPEAKERS for Commercial Use

Looking for top-quality speakers to enhance your audio systems? Video Technics proudly presents the YAMAHA VXS8 8 2-WAY SURFACE MOUNT SPEAKERS - the perfect solution for commercial applications. Whether you're setting up a conference room, restaurant, retail store, or any other commercial space, these speakers deliver exceptional sound reproduction and durability.

The Perfect Blend of Powerful Performance and Design

With the YAMAHA VXS8 8 2-WAY SURFACE MOUNT SPEAKERS, you'll experience an extraordinary combination of power, precision, and aesthetic appeal. These speakers are designed to seamlessly integrate into any commercial environment, delivering rich and immersive audio while adding a touch of elegance to the surroundings.

Unmatched Sound Quality

Equipped with advanced audio technologies, the YAMAHA VXS8 8 2-WAY SURFACE MOUNT SPEAKERS ensure unparalleled sound quality. From crystal-clear highs to deep, impactful lows, these speakers reproduce audio with remarkable accuracy and fidelity. Whether you're playing music, delivering presentations, or hosting events, these speakers will impress even the most discerning ears.

Durability and Reliability

Video Technics understands the importance of robust and reliable audio equipment in commercial settings. The YAMAHA VXS8 8 2-WAY SURFACE MOUNT SPEAKERS are built to withstand the rigors of daily use. With their sturdy construction and high-quality materials, these speakers deliver long-lasting performance, ensuring your investment is well-protected.

Flexible Installation Options

Designed for versatility, the YAMAHA VXS8 8 2-WAY SURFACE MOUNT SPEAKERS offer various mounting options to suit different spatial requirements. Whether you prefer to wall-mount, ceiling-mount, or use them on stands, these speakers provide the flexibility needed for seamless integration into your commercial space.

Technical Specifications

  • 2-way surface mount speakers with 8" cone woofer and 1" soft dome tweeter
  • Frequency range: 58Hz - 20kHz
  • Power handling: 200W (Program), 450W (Peak)
  • Sensitivity: 94dB (1W, 1m)
  • Nominal coverage angle: 90° conical
  • Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 434mm x 269mm x 250mm
  • Weight: 9.2kg (20 lbs)

Enhance Your Audio Systems Today

Ready to take your audio systems to the next level? Embrace the power of the YAMAHA VXS8 8 2-WAY SURFACE MOUNT SPEAKERS from Video Technics. Our team of experts is passionate about delivering high-quality audio solutions to cater to the unique needs of our commercial clients. Contact us today to find out more about these incredible speakers and how they can elevate your audio experience.