SKB 3i-2015-MC24 iSeries Injection Molded Case w/Foam

Feb 16, 2018

The Ultimate Solution for Mic Protection and Transportation

Video Technics proudly presents the SKB 3i-2015-MC24 iSeries Injection Molded Case with Foam, a top-of-the-line protective case specifically designed to safeguard your valuable microphones. With its meticulous engineering and durable construction, this case ensures that your microphones are protected during transportation, storage, and any other challenging situations you encounter while on the go.

Unparalleled Durability

The SKB 3i-2015-MC24 iSeries case is constructed using high-quality injection-molded polypropylene, renowned for its exceptional strength and impact resistance. This ensures that your microphones remain well-protected even in the harshest environments. The reinforced hinges, latches, and handles further enhance the case's durability, providing reliable protection for years to come.

Optimal Organization and Convenience

The case features a customized foam insert that perfectly fits 24 microphones, keeping them securely in place and preventing any movement that could potentially cause damage. The foam insert also has a dedicated storage compartment for additional accessories, such as cables, clips, and windscreens. This thoughtful design allows for efficient organization and quick access to all your microphone essentials.

Easy Mobility

Transporting your microphone collection has never been easier. The SKB 3i-2015-MC24 iSeries case comes equipped with built-in wheels and a retractable handle, enabling smooth mobility in various environments. Whether you're moving from one venue to another or simply need to transport your microphones within your studio, the case's convenient wheels and handle make the process effortless.

Trust in Quality

Video Technics takes great pride in providing high-quality products that meet the demands of professionals and enthusiasts alike. The SKB 3i-2015-MC24 iSeries Injection Molded Case with Foam is no exception. We understand the value of your microphones and ensure that our case offers the utmost protection and convenience, allowing you to focus on what matters most – capturing exceptional audio.

Invest in Reliable Protection

Don't compromise when it comes to protecting your valuable equipment. The SKB 3i-2015-MC24 iSeries Injection Molded Case with Foam is the ideal investment for any microphone enthusiast, sound engineer, or videographer. Its unrivaled durability, thoughtful organization, and easy mobility make it the ultimate solution for safeguarding and transporting your microphone collection.

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The SKB 3i-2015-MC24 iSeries Case is the ultimate solution for protecting and transporting your valuable microphones. Top-notch quality and design!
Nov 10, 2023