Shure SLX4 Diversity Receiver with PS21US Power Supply, 1/4 Wave Antenna, and Rack Mounting Hardware

Jan 14, 2019

Welcome to Video Technics, your premier destination for high-quality audio and video equipment. In this detailed product description, we will introduce you to the exceptional Shure SLX4 Diversity Receiver with PS21US Power Supply, 1/4 Wave Antenna, and Rack Mounting Hardware.

Superior Performance and Reliable Reception

When it comes to professional audio setups, reliability is paramount. The Shure SLX4 Diversity Receiver is designed to deliver outstanding performance and robust reception in various environments. Whether you're working on a live concert, corporate event, or broadcast production, this receiver ensures crystal-clear audio transmission.

Easy Integration and Flexible Mounting Options

The SLX4 Diversity Receiver excels in its ease of integration with any sound system. With its removable 1/4 wave antenna, you can effortlessly position it for optimal signal reception. The included rack mounting hardware allows for secure installation in a standard audio rack. This receiver seamlessly integrates into your existing setup, giving you peace of mind during your audio sessions.

Intelligent Features for Seamless Operation

Equipped with advanced features, the SLX4 Diversity Receiver offers intuitive and hassle-free operation. Its automatic frequency selection provides reliable interference avoidance, ensuring uninterrupted audio transmission. Additionally, the Auto Squelch function eliminates unwanted background noise, allowing your audio to shine through with pristine clarity.

Enhanced Power Supply and Long Battery Life

The PS21US Power Supply included with the SLX4 Diversity Receiver guarantees a stable and consistent power source. Say goodbye to unexpected power disruptions during crucial audio moments. Moreover, this receiver boasts an impressive battery life, enabling extended operation without the need for frequent replacements.

High-End Audio Connectivity and Compatibility

With its professional-grade XLR and 1/4" output connectors, the SLX4 Diversity Receiver ensures seamless connection to various audio devices. The diverse compatibility of this receiver makes it an ideal choice for studios, stages, and venues.

Invest in Quality with Shure and Video Technics

At Video Technics, we understand the importance of reliable audio equipment for your professional endeavors. That's why we proudly offer the Shure SLX4 Diversity Receiver with PS21US Power Supply, 1/4 Wave Antenna, and Rack Mounting Hardware. Elevate your audio production and experience superior performance with this exceptional receiver.

Trust Video Technics as your go-to source for high-quality audio and video equipment. Contact us today to learn more about the Shure SLX4 Diversity Receiver and explore our extensive product range. Invest in excellence and take your audio setups to new heights with Video Technics.

Linda Dubbs
Top-notch performance and signal stability!
Nov 8, 2023