Shure MX890 Wireless Desktop Base with Integrated Wireless Transmitter

May 5, 2023

Enhance Your Audio Recording Experience with the Shure MX890 Wireless Desktop Base

Welcome to Video Technics, your trusted source for high-quality audio equipment. We are proud to introduce the Shure MX890 Wireless Desktop Base with Integrated Wireless Transmitter - a cutting-edge solution for professionals in need of reliable audio transmission.

Unmatched Wireless Performance

The Shure MX890 Wireless Desktop Base is designed to deliver exceptional wireless performance, providing you with the freedom to move around your workspace without constraints. With its integrated wireless transmitter, this device offers crystal-clear audio transmission, making it ideal for use with MX405 and MX410 gooseneck microphones.

Whether you are a professional broadcaster, presenter, or musician, the MX890 ensures that your voice is captured with remarkable clarity and precision. Say goodbye to tangled cables and limited mobility - the MX890 sets you free to focus on what really matters: creating outstanding content.

Programmable Mute Feature

One of the standout features of the Shure MX890 is its programmable mute capability. This allows you to conveniently mute and unmute the audio with a simple touch of a button. Whether you need to temporarily pause the audio during a presentation or control the sound output during a live performance, the programmable mute feature offers unmatched convenience.

With its intuitive interface, the MX890 makes it easy to customize the mute functionality according to your specific requirements. Adjust the sensitivity, duration, and behavior of the mute function to suit your workflow. This level of flexibility ensures that the MX890 perfectly adapts to your individual needs.

Seamless Integration and Easy Setup

The Shure MX890 Wireless Desktop Base is designed for hassle-free integration into your existing audio setup. With its compatibility with the SLX4 or SLX4L receiver, connecting and configuring your MX890 is a breeze. Experience a seamless installation process and enjoy the benefits of reliable wireless audio transmission in no time.

At Video Technics, we understand the importance of simplicity and efficiency. That's why we offer comprehensive support and guidance to help you make the most out of your MX890. Our team of audio experts is ready to assist you during every step of the way, from product selection to setup and troubleshooting.

Unleash Your Creativity with the Shure MX890

Unlock the full potential of your audio recordings with the Shure MX890 Wireless Desktop Base. Designed with professionals in mind, this wireless transmitter offers unparalleled performance and flexibility. Whether you are recording a podcast, delivering a speech, or performing live on stage, the MX890 empowers you to deliver outstanding audio quality, every time.

Invest in the Shure MX890 today and discover a world of possibilities in wireless audio transmission. Join countless professionals who trust Video Technics for their audio equipment needs. Upgrade your setup and elevate your content creation to new heights with the Shure MX890 Wireless Desktop Base.

Rodney Wedge
That's great news! I can't wait to try out the Shure MX890 Wireless Desktop Base. It sounds like a game-changer!
Oct 15, 2023
Impressive wireless audio innovation.
Oct 8, 2023