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Oct 14, 2022

When it comes to professional audio amplification, you need a solution that combines power, reliability, and exceptional performance. At Video Technics, we understand the importance of high-quality audio equipment, and that's why we are proud to offer the QSC CX1102 Power Amplifier, a cutting-edge 2-channel amplifier that is engineered to deliver outstanding sound reproduction for various applications.

About the QSC CX1102 Power Amplifier

The QSC CX1102 Power Amplifier is a top-of-the-line audio amplifier designed to meet the demands of musicians, DJs, sound engineers, and audio professionals in both fixed installation and mobile sound reinforcement setups. With a power output of 700 watts per channel at 8Ω, 1100 watts per channel at 4Ω, and an impressive 1700 watts per channel at 2Ω, this amplifier provides ample power for any audio need.

Advanced Technology and Features

QSC is renowned for its commitment to innovation, and the CX1102 Power Amplifier exemplifies this dedication. This amplifier utilizes advanced technology to ensure optimal performance and pristine sound quality. Let's take a closer look at some of its key features:

  • Powerful Performance: With its high power output capabilities, the QSC CX1102 ensures clean, distortion-free audio reproduction even at high volumes.
  • Flexible Connectivity: The amplifier offers a range of input and output connectors, allowing for easy integration into any audio setup.
  • Efficient Cooling System: The CX1102 is equipped with a high-performance cooling system that maintains optimal operating temperatures, ensuring reliable and consistent performance.
  • Built-in Protection Mechanisms: QSC has integrated safeguards to protect the amplifier, preventing damage from short circuits, overloads, and other potential risks.
  • Intuitive Controls: The amplifier features user-friendly controls and indicators, making it easy to configure and monitor audio settings.


The QSC CX1102 Power Amplifier offers impressive specifications that showcase its exceptional performance capabilities. Here are some key technical details:

  • Channels: 2
  • Power Output (per channel): 700 watts at 8Ω, 1100 watts at 4Ω, 1700 watts at 2Ω
  • Input Sensitivity: Adjustable in 0.775V (0dBu) or 1.4V (sensitivity gains to match input sources)
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz, +0/-1 dB
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >104 dB
  • Distortion (SMPTE-IM):
    • Exceptional Sound Quality: The CX1102 delivers pristine audio reproduction, preserving the integrity and fidelity of the source material.
    • Rugged and Reliable: QSC products are known for their reliability, ensuring uninterrupted performance even in demanding environments.
    • Versatile Applications: Whether you're outfitting a live sound setup, installing audio in a venue, or powering a professional DJ rig, the CX1102 is a versatile amplifier that excels in various applications.
    • Trusted Brand: QSC has established itself as a market leader in professional audio equipment, earning the trust of audio professionals worldwide.

    The Perfect Amplification Solution for Your Professional Audio Needs

    In conclusion, if you're in search of a high-quality power amplifier to elevate your audio experience, look no further than the QSC CX1102 Power Amplifier. With its impressive power output, advanced features, and exceptional sound quality, this amplifier is a true game-changer for professional audio applications. Experience the difference that QSC brings to the table and take your audio setup to new heights with the CX1102.

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