QSC CX-Q 4K8 8-Channel 500W/CH Q-SYS Network Amplifier

Oct 12, 2020


Welcome to Video Technics, your ultimate destination for top-quality audio equipment. In this detailed review, we will dive into the world of the QSC CX-Q 4K8 amplifier, a powerhouse that delivers exceptional performance and versatility.

Unleash the Power of QSC CX-Q 4K8

When it comes to amplification, the QSC CX-Q 4K8 stands out from the crowd. Powered by advanced Q-SYS technology, this 8-channel amplifier redefines the industry standard for networked audio systems. With a potent 500W per channel output, the CX-Q 4K8 delivers crystal-clear sound and unwavering reliability.

Unmatched Performance

The QSC CX-Q 4K8 is designed to meet the demands of professional sound reinforcement applications. It seamlessly integrates into Q-SYS ecosystems, allowing for easy control, monitoring, and customization. Featuring robust DSP capabilities, this amplifier ensures precise signal processing, optimizing sound quality to perfection for any environment.

Flexible Channel Configuration

With its 8-channel configuration, the CX-Q 4K8 offers unparalleled flexibility. It supports a variety of low impedance, 70V, and 100V systems, making it suitable for an extensive range of installations. From commercial venues to large-scale events, this amplifier handles it all with ease.

Reliability That Never Falters

QSC is renowned for its commitment to durability, and the CX-Q 4K8 is no exception. Built with rugged construction and high-quality components, this amplifier is engineered to withstand the rigors of the most demanding applications. It ensures consistent performance, night after night, without compromising on audio integrity.


Thanks to its unrivaled features, the QSC CX-Q 4K8 finds its place in various audio setups. Let's explore some of its primary applications:

Live Sound Reinforcement

The CX-Q 4K8 amplifier is a go-to choice for live sound reinforcement professionals. It delivers the power and clarity needed to amplify vocals, instruments, and other audio sources, ensuring an immersive and captivating experience for the audience.

Installed Sound Systems

With its flexible channel configuration, the CX-Q 4K8 is perfect for installed sound systems. Whether it's a restaurant, theater, or conference hall, this amplifier effortlessly drives speakers throughout the space, leaving no corner untouched by brilliant sound.

Sound Production Studios

When precise and accurate amplification is required, the CX-Q 4K8 answers the call. It serves as the backbone of sound production studios, enabling engineers and artists to achieve pristine recording, mixing, and mastering results.

Why Choose the QSC CX-Q 4K8?

There are several compelling reasons why the CX-Q 4K8 should be your amplifier of choice:

Unsurpassed Sound Quality

QSC is renowned for its commitment to sound excellence. The CX-Q 4K8 carries on this tradition, delivering impeccable audio reproduction, with exceptional detail, accuracy, and dynamic range. Experience your audio like never before.

Seamless Integration with Q-SYS

Q-SYS is a complete audio, video, and control ecosystem that simplifies the management of audio systems. As part of the Q-SYS family, the CX-Q 4K8 integrates seamlessly, allowing for efficient configuration, control, and monitoring, all from a unified platform.

Reliability and Trust

When investing in audio equipment, reliability is paramount. The CX-Q 4K8 is built to withstand the test of time, ensuring continuous and consistent performance even in the most demanding environments. Choose with confidence.


The QSC CX-Q 4K8 is a game-changing amplifier that combines power, flexibility, and exceptional sound quality. Whether for live sound reinforcement, installed sound systems, or professional studios, this amplifier surpasses expectations. Experience a new level of audio performance with the CX-Q 4K8 from Video Technics.

Jessica Donaldson
Incredible audio performance and versatility!
Oct 6, 2023