Panasonic AGAC160APJ, AVCCAM 1/3 Hand Held Production Camcorder

Apr 28, 2021

Detailed Overview

The Panasonic AGAC160APJ, AVCCAM 1/3 Hand Held Production Camcorder is the ultimate tool for professional videographers and filmmakers. With its advanced features and exceptional image quality, it empowers users to capture stunning footage in any production environment.

Key Features

  • Outstanding Image Quality: The AGAC160APJ utilizes a 1/3-inch progressive 3-CCD imager system to deliver vivid and sharp images with incredible detail accuracy.
  • Professional-Grade Lens: Equipped with a 22x zoom lens specifically designed for video production, this camcorder enables users to capture subjects with exceptional clarity, whether they are near or far.
  • High-Speed Variable Frame Rate: With the ability to shoot at variable frame rates, ranging from 12fps to 60fps, this camcorder provides extensive flexibility in achieving the desired visual aesthetic and creative effects.
  • Wide Dynamic Range: The AGAC160APJ offers impressive dynamic range capabilities, allowing videographers to capture scenes with a wide contrast range, ensuring details are preserved in both bright and dark areas of the frame.
  • Multiple Recording Formats: This camcorder supports various recording formats, including AVCHD and DV, giving users the flexibility to choose the format that best suits their workflow and project requirements.

Enhanced Connectivity and Expandability

The Panasonic AGAC160APJ comes with an array of connectivity options, providing seamless integration with other production equipment and accessories. It features professional XLR audio inputs for capturing high-quality sound, as well as HDMI and HD/SD-SDI outputs for easy monitoring and external recording.

Moreover, this camcorder offers extensive expandability options, allowing videographers to enhance their production capabilities. It has two P2 card slots for increased storage capacity, including support for hot-swapping, enabling uninterrupted recording.

Intuitive Operation and Ergonomic Design

The AGAC160APJ boasts a user-friendly interface and ergonomic design, ensuring comfortable handling during extended shooting sessions. The camcorder features a 3.45-inch color LCD monitor for clear menu navigation and precise framing, along with a high-resolution electronic viewfinder for precise shot composition even in bright lighting conditions.


For professional videographers and filmmakers seeking a top-of-the-line production camcorder, the Panasonic AGAC160APJ, AVCCAM 1/3 Hand Held Production Camcorder is the ideal choice. Its advanced features, outstanding image quality, and extensive connectivity options make it an invaluable tool in capturing breathtaking footage for any project. Trust Video Technics for all your professional video equipment needs.