Martin Audio CDD8, 8” LF, 1” exit HF Coaxial Differential Dispersion Loudspeaker

Apr 5, 2021

Unparalleled Sound Quality

The Martin Audio CDD8, available at Video Technics, offers an outstanding listening experience with its precise sound reproduction. Crafted to meet the demands of professional audio installations, this 8” LF, 1” exit HF coaxial differential dispersion loudspeaker delivers crystal-clear sound with exceptional depth and clarity.

Advanced Coaxial Design

The coaxial design of the Martin Audio CDD8 ensures accurate sound dispersion, allowing every listener to fully immerse themselves in the audio experience. With the 8” LF woofer and 1” exit HF driver perfectly aligned, the CDD8 achieves seamless sound integration, eliminating any phase or time alignment issues that may occur in traditional loudspeakers.

Differential Dispersion Technology

Equipped with Martin Audio's innovative differential dispersion technology, the CDD8 provides even coverage throughout the listening area. This ensures that every corner of your venue receives the same high-quality sound, creating an immersive and balanced audio experience for everyone.

Versatility in Installations

The Martin Audio CDD8 is designed to adapt to various installation environments. Whether you are setting up a conference room, nightclub, theater, or house of worship, the CDD8 offers a wide range of mounting options and adjustable dispersion characteristics to meet your specific needs. Its sleek and durable design also blends seamlessly into any venue aesthetics.

Robust Construction

When it comes to durability, the CDD8 excels. Built with premium materials and components, this loudspeaker can withstand the rigors of regular use without compromising on sound quality. Its robust construction ensures reliable performance, making it a valuable addition to any professional audio system.

Simple Integration

Integrating the Martin Audio CDD8 into your existing audio system is a breeze. With its versatile connectivity options and user-friendly features, you can seamlessly incorporate this loudspeaker into your setup. The CDD8 is compatible with a wide range of audio equipment, allowing for easy integration into any professional sound system.

Trusted Brand

Video Technics is proud to offer the Martin Audio CDD8, backed by the reputation of Martin Audio, a trusted brand in the industry. With decades of experience and countless successful installations, Martin Audio continues to be a leader in professional audio solutions. When you choose the CDD8, you can trust that you are investing in a reliable and superior loudspeaker.

Enhance Your Audio Experience

Upgrade your audio system with the Martin Audio CDD8, the perfect choice for professional audio installations. Its exceptional sound quality, innovative design, and versatility make it a top-notch option for venues of all kinds. Contact Video Technics today to learn more about the Martin Audio CDD8 and take your audio experience to new heights.

Anthony Appezzato
Absolutely blown away by the unparalleled sound quality of the Martin Audio CDD8! 🎶🔊 It's a must-have for anyone who values top-notch design and unbeatable sound.
Nov 8, 2023
Jon Svare
This speaker is a game-changer! 🎵🔊 Unbeatable sound quality and top-notch design. A must-have!
Oct 9, 2023