Marantz Professional PMD-661 MKIII, Handheld Solid-State Recorder with File Encryption

Jun 21, 2023

The Ultimate Portable Audio Recording Solution

At Video Technics, we are proud to present the Marantz Professional PMD-661 MKIII, a premier handheld solid-state recorder specifically designed for professionals in the audio recording industry. With its advanced features, unparalleled portability, and exceptional audio quality, this device is the go-to solution for capturing audio in any environment.

Unmatched Performance and Versatility

The Marantz Professional PMD-661 MKIII sets a new standard in portable audio recording. Equipped with professional-grade preamps and a robust A/D converter, this recorder ensures pristine audio capture with an impressive signal-to-noise ratio. Whether you are recording interviews, live performances, or field recordings, the PMD-661 MKIII delivers incredible clarity and detail.

With its solid-state design, this recorder eliminates the need for fragile and outdated tape-based systems, offering unparalleled reliability and ease of use. This means no more worrying about tape alignment, dropout issues, or degradation of audio quality over time. Simply insert your high-capacity SD card and start recording digital audio files instantly.

Enhanced Features for Professional Use

The PMD-661 MKIII is packed with features tailored to meet the demands of professional audio recording. Its built-in file encryption system ensures the security and integrity of your recorded content, making it an ideal choice for sensitive interviews or confidential recordings. Additionally, the recorder supports a wide range of professional audio formats, including WAV, MP3, and BWF, allowing for seamless integration into any production workflow.

Designed to be versatile, the PMD-661 MKIII offers a variety of input options to accommodate different recording scenarios. Whether you need to connect a professional XLR microphone, a line-level source, or use its built-in stereo microphone, this recorder has you covered. The intuitive menu system and high-resolution OLED display make it easy to navigate and monitor your recordings, ensuring a hassle-free recording experience.

Portability Meets Durability

The ergonomic design of the PMD-661 MKIII allows for comfortable handheld operation, making it the perfect companion for field recording professionals. Its rugged construction guarantees durability, withstands the rigors of demanding environments, and ensures consistent performance even in harsh conditions.

Equipped with long-lasting rechargeable batteries and an intuitive power management system, the PMD-661 MKIII offers extended recording sessions without the worry of running out of power. Its lightweight and compact design make it easily transportable, providing audio professionals with the freedom to capture high-quality recordings wherever their work takes them.


When it comes to professional portable audio recording, the Marantz Professional PMD-661 MKIII stands above the rest. Its advanced features, unrivaled portability, and exceptional audio quality make it the ultimate choice for audio professionals and enthusiasts alike. At Video Technics, we are committed to providing you with the best tools for your audio recording needs, and the PMD-661 MKIII is a testament to that commitment.

Katie Meara
Great tool for professional audio recording on the go! 👍🎙️
Oct 11, 2023