Mackie DL32S 32-Channel Wireless Digital Live Sound Mixer

Feb 15, 2019

Are you in need of a high-quality wireless digital live sound mixer for your next event? Look no further than the Mackie DL32S 32-Channel Wireless Digital Live Sound Mixer available at Video Technics. This top-of-the-line sound mixer is designed to meet the needs of audio professionals and deliver exceptional sound quality.

Unparalleled Sound Quality

When it comes to audio, nothing is more important than sound quality. The Mackie DL32S is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that ensures clear and crisp sound reproduction. With 32 channels, you have ample flexibility to mix and control audio for even the most complex setups. Whether you are working on a live concert, a corporate event, or a theater production, the DL32S delivers unparalleled sound quality.

Wireless Convenience

Gone are the days of tangled cables and cumbersome setups. The Mackie DL32S offers wireless capability, allowing you to control the mixer from anywhere in the venue using your smartphone or tablet. With a reliable and intuitive app, you have complete control over your sound without being tied down to a control booth. This wireless functionality gives you the freedom to move around the venue and make adjustments on the fly.

Intuitive Interface

The DL32S features a user-friendly interface that makes mixing and controlling audio a breeze. The clear and intuitive layout allows even novice users to quickly understand and navigate the controls. With easy access to EQ, dynamics, and effects, you can fine-tune your sound to perfection. Whether you are an experienced audio engineer or a first-time user, the DL32S offers a seamless and intuitive mixing experience.

Robust Connectivity

Connectivity is crucial when it comes to live sound mixing. The DL32S offers a wide range of connectivity options to ensure seamless integration with your audio setup. With 32 Onyx+ recallable mic preamps, 14 fully-programmable XLR outputs, and a variety of input and output options, you have the flexibility to connect all your instruments, microphones, and other audio devices with ease. The DL32S also supports multiple control options, including Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB, allowing you to choose the most convenient method for your setup.

Enhanced Workflow

The DL32S is designed to streamline your workflow and make your life easier. With powerful built-in processing, you can apply high-quality effects to your audio without the need for external gear. The mixer also supports multi-track recording directly to a USB hard drive, eliminating the need for additional recording equipment. The DL32S provides a comprehensive and efficient solution for audio professionals, saving you time and effort during your productions.

Reliability and Durability

Video Technics understands the importance of reliable equipment in the audio industry. That's why we offer the Mackie DL32S, known for its rugged construction and exceptional durability. Built to withstand the demands of live performances and touring, this sound mixer is designed to last. You can trust the DL32S to deliver outstanding performance night after night, ensuring that your audio remains flawless throughout your events.

The Perfect Choice for Professionals

Whether you are a seasoned audio professional or just starting out, the Mackie DL32S 32-Channel Wireless Digital Live Sound Mixer is the perfect choice to enhance your sound production. With its unparalleled sound quality, wireless convenience, intuitive interface, robust connectivity, enhanced workflow, and reliability, the DL32S sets a new standard in live sound mixing.

At Video Technics, we are committed to providing our customers with the best audio equipment on the market. Browse our website to discover more about the Mackie DL32S and explore our wide range of professional audio solutions. Contact us today to take your sound production to the next level.

Michael Faulkner
Definitely worth checking out!
Nov 8, 2023
Nathanael Mehrens
Looks like the Mackie DL32S is the perfect mixer for a top-notch sound experience! 👍🎶
Oct 12, 2023