Mar 6, 2021


Welcome to Santek Shop, a division of Video Technics. We take pride in offering the finest LED light panels in A1-A4 sizes. Our LED light panels are designed to meet the lighting needs of professionals in industries such as photography, videography, and architectural lighting. With our commitment to quality and innovation, we strive to provide the best lighting solutions for our customers.

High-Quality LED Light Panels

At Santek Shop, we understand the importance of exceptional lighting in various creative and professional applications. Our LED light panels are meticulously designed and manufactured to ensure the highest quality and performance. Made with advanced technology and premium materials, our LED light panels deliver outstanding brightness, color accuracy, and energy efficiency.

Wide Range of Sizes

We offer LED light panels in a range of sizes to cater to different requirements. Whether you need a compact A1 size for photography or a larger A4 size for architectural lighting, we have you covered. Our diverse product line ensures that you can find the perfect LED light panel to suit your specific needs and space limitations.

Versatile Applications

Our LED light panels are incredibly versatile and can be utilized in various settings. Photographers can benefit from the even illumination and color consistency provided by our LED light panels, resulting in stunning images with true-to-life colors. Videographers can achieve professional-grade lighting setups for their videos, ensuring clarity and visual impact. Architects and designers can use our LED light panels to create captivating lighting designs that enhance the beauty of any space.

Advanced Features

Incorporating the latest technological advancements, our LED light panels come with a range of features designed to enhance user experience and maximize functionality. Some of the advanced features include:

  • Dimmable: Adjust the brightness to create the desired ambiance and lighting effects.
  • Color Temperature Adjustment: Customize the color temperature to match the desired mood or environment.
  • Ultra-Thin Design: Our LED light panels boast an ultra-thin profile, making them lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Energy-Efficient: Save on energy costs with our LED light panels, which consume significantly less power compared to traditional lighting options.
  • Long Lifespan: Enjoy prolonged usage with our LED light panels, as they are built to last for thousands of hours.

Customer Satisfaction

At Santek Shop, we prioritize customer satisfaction. We strive to provide exceptional pre-sale and post-sale support to ensure that our customers have a smooth and satisfying experience. Our knowledgeable team is always available to answer any questions and guide you in choosing the perfect LED light panel for your specific needs. We also offer a warranty on our LED light panels, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in your purchase.

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Ready to elevate your lighting game? Browse our selection of LED light panels in A1-A4 sizes and take your creative projects or professional setups to new heights. Santek Shop, a division of Video Technics, is your trusted destination for high-quality LED lighting solutions. Experience the difference Santek Shop can make in your lighting endeavors today!

Jeanie Stephens
These LED light panels in A1-A4 sizes from Santek Shop are a game changer! 🌟 As a photographer, I'm always on the lookout for top-notch lighting solutions and Santek delivers. 📸 Their commitment to quality and innovation is unmatched. 💯 Highly recommend! 💡
Nov 11, 2023