Electro Voice 635N/D-B Classic Handheld Interview Microphone

Jan 22, 2018


The Electro Voice 635N/D-B Classic Handheld Interview Microphone is a top-quality microphone designed for professional audio capturing needs. With its N/Dym dynamic capsule and omnidirectional pickup pattern, this microphone ensures crystal clear sound reproduction and exceptional versatility.

About Electro Voice

For over 90 years, Electro Voice has been a leading manufacturer of professional audio equipment. Known for their innovative designs and superior quality, Electro Voice products have become trusted tools for audio professionals worldwide.

Key Features

  • High-quality N/Dym dynamic capsule for accurate sound reproduction
  • Omnidirectional pickup pattern for versatile recording options
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • Classic design with a sleek black finish
  • Perfect for interviews, podcasts, and professional recordings

The Perfect Microphone for Interviews and Podcasts

Whether you're conducting interviews, recording podcasts, or capturing professional audio, the Electro Voice 635N/D-B is the perfect choice. Its omnidirectional pickup pattern allows it to capture sound from all directions, making it great for group discussions and any situation where multiple speakers are involved.

Exceptional Sound Reproduction

The N/Dym dynamic capsule technology used in the Electro Voice 635N/D-B ensures accurate sound reproduction and excellent clarity. This microphone captures every nuance of the audio, delivering rich and detailed recordings that preserve the true essence of the source.

Durable Construction

Designed to withstand the demands of professional use, the Electro Voice 635N/D-B features a durable construction. Its rugged build ensures that it can handle the rigors of frequent travel, making it ideal for journalists, podcasters, and field recorders.

Flexible Application

Thanks to its omnidirectional pickup pattern, the Electro Voice 635N/D-B can be used in various scenarios. Whether you're conducting interviews on the field, recording panel discussions, or capturing ambient sounds, this microphone delivers impressive results in any situation.

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