EAW SB1001, SB Series Subwoofer, Direct Radiating Dual 18-In Design Black

Jan 14, 2022

About the EAW SB1001 Subwoofer

The EAW SB1001 is a remarkable subwoofer designed to deliver exceptional bass performance for professional audio applications. Built with precision and expertise, this subwoofer belongs to the renowned SB Series by EAW, highly regarded in the industry for its powerful sound reproduction capabilities.

Unmatched Audio Performance

With its direct radiating dual 18-inch design, the EAW SB1001 subwoofer provides deep, rich bass that enhances any audio setup. Whether you're setting up a concert venue, a nightclub, or a large-scale event, this subwoofer ensures that the audience experiences the full impact of low-frequency sounds.

Advanced Design and Engineering

The SB1001 features advanced engineering and design that optimize its performance. Its dual 18-inch drivers are precisely integrated into a compact enclosure, allowing for efficient sound dispersion and reduced distortion. The black finish adds an elegant touch to its appearance, making it suitable for any professional audio setup.

Key Features of the EAW SB1001

  • Direct radiating dual 18-inch subwoofer
  • Powerful bass performance
  • Compact enclosure design
  • Precise sound dispersion
  • Reduced distortion
  • Stylish black finish

Expert Repair and Support

At Video Technics Repair, we specialize in providing comprehensive repair services for the EAW SB1001 subwoofer. Our team of highly skilled technicians has extensive knowledge of EAW products, ensuring that your subwoofer receives the expert care it deserves. Whether you need a simple repair or a complete overhaul, we are here to help.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need more information about the EAW SB1001 subwoofer, our team at Video Technics Repair is ready to assist you. Contact us today and experience the outstanding audio performance of the EAW SB Series subwoofer.

Camila Kupelian
This subwoofer by EAW is truly exceptional, delivering unmatched bass performance for professional audio applications. Impressive sound quality!
Oct 9, 2023