Jul 1, 2020

Unleashing the Power of Audio Engineering - Video Technics

Welcome to Video Technics, your one-stop destination for cutting-edge audio equipment. In this article, we proudly present the DiGiCo QUANTUM 7 Digital Mixing Console, an industry-leading solution that offers unparalleled audio control and versatility for professional sound engineers and live sound environments.

Unmatched Performance and Flexibility

The DiGiCo QUANTUM 7 is crafted with painstaking attention to detail, offering an extensive range of features and capabilities that set it apart from competitors. With its advanced FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) processing and an impressive 48 Flexi channels, this console delivers exceptional performance and the flexibility to handle even the most demanding audio productions.

Seamless Workflow

The QUANTUM 7 boasts an intuitive user interface, allowing sound engineers to navigate effortlessly through its comprehensive set of features. Its large high-resolution touchscreens, motorized faders, and dynamic rotaries provide a seamless workflow, empowering users to mix audio with precision and speed. Whether you're working on a live concert, broadcast production, or theatrical performance, the QUANTUM 7 ensures maximum efficiency and creativity.

Unrivaled Sound Quality

At the heart of the DiGiCo QUANTUM 7 lies its impeccable sound quality. With an impressive 96kHz sample rate, pristine converters, and an exceptional dynamic range, this console guarantees unparalleled audio fidelity. Every subtle nuance and sonic detail are captured and reproduced faithfully, ensuring an immersive and unforgettable listening experience for both live and recorded events.

Advanced Features and Innovative Technology

Quantum Processing

Powered by the revolutionary Quantum Processing Engine, the QUANTUM 7 delivers groundbreaking audio processing capabilities. Its unprecedented 0.7ms latency ensures smooth and natural-sounding audio, eliminating any perceptible delay. With an extensive range of onboard effects, dynamic EQs, and multiband compressors, sound engineers have access to a wealth of tools to sculpt and shape their mix with precision.

Expanded Channel Count and I/O Flexibility

The DiGiCo QUANTUM 7 offers remarkable scalability, allowing you to add additional channels and expand your I/O options as your production requirements grow. With DiGiCo's cutting-edge Stealth Core 2 software, you can configure the console to accommodate up to 256 input channels and up to 256 output buses, giving you the freedom to tackle any audio project, no matter the size or complexity.

Ultimate Integration and Networking Capabilities

Designed with the modern audio ecosystem in mind, the QUANTUM 7 seamlessly integrates with various network protocols such as Dante and Optocore, allowing for effortless communication between different audio devices and systems. Its versatile connectivity options ensure compatibility with a wide range of industry-standard equipment, enabling smooth collaboration and streamlined audio workflows.

Technical Specifications

  • Channels: 48 Flexi Channels, Up to 256 input channels with Stealth Core 2
  • Sample Rate: 96kHz
  • Faders: Motorized faders with dynamic automation
  • Processing Power: Advanced FPGA processing with Quantum Processing Engine
  • Latency: 0.7ms
  • Networking: Dante and Optocore compatible
  • Connectivity: Extensive I/O options for seamless integration

Unleash Your Creativity with the DiGiCo QUANTUM 7

The DiGiCo QUANTUM 7 Digital Mixing Console is not just a piece of audio equipment; it is a powerful tool that empowers sound engineers to push boundaries and create unforgettable sonic experiences. Whether you're working in a concert venue, broadcast studio, or theatrical production, the QUANTUM 7's unmatched performance, flexibility, and sound quality elevate your productions to new heights.

At Video Technics, we take pride in bringing you the latest and greatest audio solutions. We understand the importance of having reliable and innovative tools that drive your creativity. With the DiGiCo QUANTUM 7, you can be confident in delivering exceptional audio quality that captivates your audience and sets your productions apart.

Experience the power of the DiGiCo QUANTUM 7 Digital Mixing Console today. Contact Video Technics to learn more and take your audio engineering skills to the next level.