Chauvet Epix Flex 20, Requires Epix Flex Drive, Ratio of 4 Epix Flex 20 per Drive

Dec 29, 2017

Welcome to Video Technics, your go-to destination for high-quality lighting solutions. In this article, we'll dive into the incredible features and benefits of the Chauvet Epix Flex 20. This cutting-edge LED strip is a must-have for anyone looking to create mesmerizing visual effects.

Discover the Epix Flex 20

The Chauvet Epix Flex 20 is an innovative LED strip that delivers unparalleled performance. With its slim and flexible design, it can be easily shaped and incorporated into various setups. Whether you're a professional lighting designer or a casual user, the Epix Flex 20 offers endless creative possibilities.

Epix Flex Drive Compatibility

To power the Epix Flex 20, an Epix Flex Drive is required. This state-of-the-art Drive ensures optimal performance and control over the lighting effects. With a ratio of 4 Epix Flex 20 per Drive, you can scale your lighting setup to suit any project size. This flexibility makes the Epix Flex 20 suitable for both small-scale events and large-scale productions.

Key Features

Let's take a closer look at the key features that make the Chauvet Epix Flex 20 a top choice for lighting enthusiasts:

Breathtaking Visual Effects

The Epix Flex 20 delivers stunning visual effects that will captivate any audience. With its advanced LED technology and vibrant color output, you can create dynamic lighting displays that enhance the overall atmosphere of your event. From vibrant color transitions to smooth animations, the Epix Flex 20 brings your imagination to life.

Flexible Design

Thanks to its flexible design, the Epix Flex 20 can be easily curved or bent into desired shapes. This allows you to seamlessly integrate the LED strip into existing structures, architectural elements, or custom setups. Whether you're aiming for a subtle accent or a bold centerpiece, the Epix Flex 20 fits your needs.

Easy Installation and Setup

Setting up the Epix Flex 20 is a breeze. With its user-friendly installation process, you can quickly get your lighting setup up and running. The Epix Flex Drive ensures seamless integration with the LED strip, providing you with precise control and easy customization options.

Wide Range of Applications

The versatility of the Chauvet Epix Flex 20 makes it suitable for various applications. It is commonly used in concerts, theaters, architectural lighting, event productions, and retail displays. Whether you're illuminating a stage, adding ambiance to a venue, or creating eye-catching displays, the Epix Flex 20 delivers consistent and impressive results.


Below are the specifications of the Chauvet Epix Flex 20:

  • LED Type: RGB SMD 5050
  • LED Quantity: 160 per meter
  • Pixel Pitch: 20 mm
  • IP Rating: IP20
  • Operating Voltage: 24V DC
  • Power Consumption: 38W per meter
  • Dimensions: 1000mm x 22mm x 6.7mm

Experience the Epix Flex 20 Difference

With the Chauvet Epix Flex 20, you can elevate your lighting game and create unforgettable experiences. Its unmatched performance, flexibility, and ease of use make it a go-to solution for lighting professionals worldwide.

At Video Technics, we understand the importance of high-quality lighting equipment. That's why we carry a wide range of products to cater to your unique needs. Whether it's the Epix Flex 20 or any other lighting solution, we are committed to providing top-notch quality and customer satisfaction.

Take your lighting setup to new heights with the Chauvet Epix Flex 20 and experience the power of visually striking effects. Shop now at Video Technics and unlock your creative potential!

Frank Paleno
This LED strip is seriously amazing! 😍 It's like having a whole new world of visual effects at your fingertips. The Chauvet Epix Flex 20 is a game-changer when it comes to creating stunning lighting displays. I love how versatile it is, and the fact that you can connect multiple strips to one drive is mind-blowing. The possibilities are endless with this incredible lighting solution. I can't wait to get my hands on one and start experimenting with its features. Kudos to Video Technics for always bringing us the best in lighting technology!
Nov 11, 2023
Susan Colson
Love it! 😍
Nov 8, 2023
Robert Demarco
Looks amazing! 🌟
Oct 12, 2023